Are too many Irish Businesses marketing strategies, unprepared for ‘No Deal Brexit’?

Are too many Irish businesses marketing strategies unprepared for ‘No Deal Brexit’?
Are too many Irish businesses marketing strategies unprepared for ‘No Deal Brexit’?

InterTradeIreland’s latest all-Island Business Monitor (Q2 2019) suggests 40% of companies across the island of Ireland are reporting growth, despite impending Brexit concerns.

Nearly 50% of business across the Island have said that dealing with Brexit is their biggest concern, the concern is higher with Irish manufacturing firms, with 60% busy planning for the various PEST factors that might impact their trade.

The big concern across the Island is that companies are not preparing for the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Sadly, only around 10% have suggested they have only done something. In our opinion that is probably more like 5% as most people filling in these surveys like to think they have done something…

Can your Marketing Strategy cope with Brexit?

From our point of view and based on the findings of Intertrade Ireland all-Island Business Monitor for this period…. we must assume that there is also a lack of planning by companies in preparing marketing strategies that will deal or cope with the various ‘Brexit’ outcomes.

Aidan Gough, InterTradeIreland’s Designated Officer and Director of Strategy and Policy, said: “The disparity between businesses recognising Brexit as the key issue facing them and the number actually preparing for it remains a worry. While we appreciate the uncertainty facing businesses and the constant challenge to win new and service existing orders, we nevertheless implore firms, particularly those that trade across the border, to make themselves aware of the issues that Brexit could pose for their operations and to explore mitigating options.

So much of the Island of Ireland depends on a smooth partnership that we at ‘’ have always been against Brexit and now even worse we are looking at the potential of a ‘No-deal Brexit’….Developing multiple marketing strategies is essential for any business on the Island, but more so for those who depend on cross-border trade.

We are concerned that some agencies out there (Marketing & Advertising) might try to take advantage of this to make a quick buck. We suggest companies and individual’s sit down in-house first and explore the various customer bases they have and work from there. Keep in mind, you won’t find or have all the answers, but at least you might be better prepared.

How will your business be impacted by a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit?

If your struggling to get the marketing help or guidance you need, we are happy to point you in the right direction – email us on if you are starting to panic.

For more information on InterTradeIreland’s latest all-Island Business Monitor (Q2 2019) go to:


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