Hair today, gone tomorrow – hairwell to Donald Trump

Hair today, gone tomorrow - Donald Trump leaves the building
Hair today, gone tomorrow - Donald Trump leaves the building

In the coming hours, the beginning of a new day and new wave of excitement will finally begin in America…. and that can only be great for Ireland, Irish business and Irish marketing opportunities.

Whilst Donald Trump has investments on the Island of Ireland it is fair to say he didn’t really do much for us, and only recently he attempted to lift a travel ban – which given the current stress on health care here on the Island and in the US, it kinda further supports the many idiotic ideas and actions of the man.

We believe and understand President Joe Biden will attempt to deal the COVID19 virus in a more professional manner and we understand has plans to address many of the environment concerns the world is facing…and the fact that he is a proper friend to the Island we can only hope that will help with any issues in Northern Ireland and Brexit

So good luck Joe…. and hairwell Donald Trump, sorry we mean farewell lol

At 5pm Irish time today, January 20th, Joe Biden will officially begin his term as the 46th president of the United States – the event will be broadcast on RTE and all news channels.

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