Remembering the Spanish Armada 2019 in Sligo this September

Remembering the Spanish Armada 2019 in Sligo this September
Remembering the Spanish Armada 2019 in Sligo this September

An interesting event is to take place this month in Sligo, a festival will take place designed to remember the Spanish Armada, the festival is on from 20-22 September. The team running the event/festival are seeking to establish Grange as the Armada Centre for Ireland by protecting and conserving the Armada Wreck site legacy at Streedagh Beach, Sligo. In the long term they are seeking to develop an Armada Interpretive Centre at the Courthouse in Grange;

The Streedagh Armada wrecksite is the site of three shipwrecks of the Spanish Armada at Streedagh beach in north county Sligo, in northwest Ireland. The three ships are La LaviaLa Juliana, and the Santa Maria de Visón. All were part of the Levant squadron of the armada. 

The three ships had set sail in the Levant squadron with the rest of the Armada from Lisbon on 29 May 1588. The Lavia (homeport Venice) had been requisitioned on 16 February that year at Lisbon. The Juliana (home port Barcelona) on 16 December 1586 in Sicily, and the Santa Maria de Vison (home port Ragusa/Dubrovnik) on 6 May 1587 at Naples. The Levant squadron consisted of 10 ships and had a complement of 767 seamen and a total of 2,780 soldiers.

If you would like to learn more about this commemoration/celebration of the Armada story – go to:

Oh and nice touch – not often event organisers make this simple effort to communicate with other cultures:

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