Irish Online Delivery Charges to be impacted by Brexit

Brexit to impact postal deliveries
Brexit to impact postal deliveries

For a long time, consumers in the North have always had to double check the delivery terms and conditions when buying things online.

Assumptions where generally made that the North was part of the UK and that online purchases would be delivered on the same terms. On many occasions they where not, sometimes UK based companies would not deliver to Northern Ireland or ‘Free’ delivery was not available to those customers who reside across the water.

But with Brexit coming Irish consumers in the Republic of Ireland could now face additional costs from purchases delivered from the UK (on top of the usual ones), with potential additional VAT increases and import tariffs  – significantly there will be changes to consumer rights protection from all products bought in the UK after October, as suggested by the Irish Minister for European Affairs Helen McEntee recently.

She also said “In the event of a no-deal Brexit, immediate changes will come in the form of increased VAT, import tariffs and changes to consumer rights protection for products bought from the UK. I hope this doesn’t happen,” Minister McEntee said.

“But it’s so important that people are aware that buying online will change when the UK leaves the EU and these changes will be immediate if they leave without a deal.”

Do you trade online? Do you buy and sell products using An Post or Royal Mail, if so you need to do some research into potential charges and how they might impact you?

For more guidance, either as a consumer or business contact the following organisations for some guidance: