About Marketing In Ireland

Marketing in Ireland is a new online and digital platform for those interested in all of the elements of the marketing mix (the 7 Ps), that are delivered via a vast array of marketing tools and services. Basically, we will cover a vast array of marketing related news, issues, opinions and subjects… as long as they fall into the wider marketing mix and obviously, that they are linked to Ireland, the Island of Ireland, Republic of Ireland,  Northern Ireland and any other Irish Marketing links there is across the Globe.

In the beginning: During our early months we intend to post on as many different subjects as (PR, Events, Branding, Digital, Social media and much more) possible providing some opinion or constructive discussion points.

Join our Irish Marketing Journey: If you feel like you have a spare 10mins and would like to share an opinion or a bit of news (Marketing related) please feel free to share any news or stories you think we should look at via email contact@marketinginireland.com

Background: The admin and other content providers for the www.martketinginireland.com website and social media platforms have worked as marketing professionals for over 20 years across the Globe. We know our stuff but also love to learn more, so help educate us and help us to educate others by engaging with our news, posts, tweets, videos and other general info.

We won’t be winning the Pulitzer prize: As a disclaimer we will admit that from time to time you might notice some spelling or grammar issues in our posts, we would apologise for this in advance, but we won’t as we have limited resources and we might have some visual and dyslexia issues  (so we do miss some stuff occasionally), so don’t be too harsh if you notice something and we will make every effort to correct and amend as we see them…..thank you in advance for the understanding.

The Marketing In Ireland vision….well we don’t have one yet: www.MarketingInIreland.com may work as the media platform we have initially started, it might evolve and it might even go on to change the Island of Irelands views on marketing subjects…More than likely it might even just be full of marketing waffle, opinions and craic, with the odd constructive and positive review of other things happening on the Island.

Who is running the show: We are managed by Creativity Mapped a division of LAAE Ltd – if you have any questions or feedback on anything else please reach out to us by email on  contact@marketinginireland.com