Nuala Moore and her training buddy, Fungie. Nuala is an extreme swimmer - Image Credit Nuala Moore

Fungie, Ireland’s Loveable Dolphin

One of Ireland’s most unique attractions and a tourism marketer’s dream, Fungie the Dolphin is now missing for 8 days….and sadly things are not...
Irish media icon Gay Byrne has passed away

RTE ICON Gay Byrne has passed away

The Irish media legend that is Gay Byrne as sadly passed away. The death has been announced of RTÉ...
Irish Direct Marketing guidelines

Irish Direct Marketing – What you need to know

Want to learn more about Direct marketing and Irish data protection policy around it, then check the following information and links from...

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Era of cheap flights not coming to an end - O'Leary

Cheap Flights to continue – O’Leary tells RTE

Michael O’Leary the Ryanair Group CEO has told RTE that “the era of cheap flights is not coming to an end”
Irish President criticises ‘abuse of advertising’ in relation to infant formula

Irish President criticises ‘abuse of advertising’ in relation to baby formula

Marketing impacts and influences all of us, but there are boundaries that we should all be aware of, boundaries that our Irish...
Russians back off after Irish fishermen vow to disrupt war games

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Raising Ireland’s Profile Single-handedly

It couldn't be said enough, but it is very fair to say that CNN's Donie O'Sullivan has done more to raise the...