Marketing the COVID19 vaccine to health and social care professionals on the Island of Ireland

Marketing a Vaccine to Health and Social Care professionals

Sadly we have reached a age where people will take their health guidance and instruction from a random delusional online entity and...

Number of new firms set up hits four year low in 2020

According to RTE, the Covid-19 pandemic had a big impact on company formations last year, with the number of new firms established...
Consumers urged to support local businesses

Irish Consumers Urged to Support local brands

A platform representing Ireland’s small and medium business sector to ensure that policy response to Covid-19 is designed to succeed for SMEs,...

Not too much being said by Tourism Ireland in terms of real Guidance on...

We think they should focus on protecting Ireland’s Tourism ‘Characters’ - Like your woman in the photo standing outside a cave.

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Era of cheap flights not coming to an end - O'Leary

Cheap Flights to continue – O’Leary tells RTE

Michael O’Leary the Ryanair Group CEO has told RTE that “the era of cheap flights is not coming to an end”
Irish President criticises ‘abuse of advertising’ in relation to infant formula

Irish President criticises ‘abuse of advertising’ in relation to baby formula

Marketing impacts and influences all of us, but there are boundaries that we should all be aware of, boundaries that our Irish...
Russians back off after Irish fishermen vow to disrupt war games

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Raising Ireland’s Profile Single-handedly

It couldn't be said enough, but it is very fair to say that CNN's Donie O'Sullivan has done more to raise the...