Is great Merchandising the key to making €100m?

Is great Merchandising the key to making €100m?
Is great Merchandising the key to making €100m? Marketing In Ireland

We have worked with some of the world’s leading consumer brands and fortunately also some of the most amazing start-ups in relation to confectionary and convenience snacks and have been extremely impressed by the growth of ‘Fulfil’ the Irish snack brand.

This week we have learnt that US confectionary giant ‘Hershey’ is to take a stake in the ‘Fulfil’ brand as part of their European growth strategy, which is fantastic news for the company.

The Irish snack brand has doubled its sales each year and is expected to make €100m this year.

Whilst the company has developed an aggressive growth strategy, we have been impressed by their regional product placement. Merchandising is key to any new convenience product’s growth and Fulfil have done the simple excellently, they have ensured that their products are well place in most if not all retail outlets we have ever been in.

So, if you have a fantastic new product and it tastes lovely, it does not matter unless you can get it right in front of potential buyers, so spend as much time as possible in developing merchandising and distribution channels and ensure you have great relationship with the buyers and store managers of every outlet you wish to sell in.