Another Brexit marketing campaign to possibly cost £100m

Brexit marketing campaign will tell UK to prepare for no-deal
Brexit marketing campaign will tell UK to prepare for no-deal

As recently highlighted in another story, the Northern Ireland Civil Service is to embark on a marketing campaign in the event of a no deal Brexit.

New media reports (BBC & CNN) are now suggesting new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to blast the UK public (Including N.Ireland) with information about the prospect of a no deal.

The marketing/promotional campaign will be made up of offline, broadcast, online and social media marketing and it could cost up to £100m (Advertising agencies ears have just pricked up).

Given that most people in the North (Northern Ireland) voted to stay in the EU it is interesting that the UK government will now use public money to influence perceptions and expectations of the Brexit outcome – even though the majority in N.Ireland has spoken.

Wouldn’t some of that £100m be better spent supporting border communities and business’s after Brexit, after all Northern Ireland is already having problems driving economic investment into the province, plus it is spending vast fortunes in Tourism development whilst companies are dropping like flies across NI…..and don’t even get started on the problems in Health care.

The only winner in this proposed UK government campaign will be the advertising agencies, sadly an all too common problem.