Capturing a ‘Digital Day in the Life of Ireland’

Capturing Ireland's Story
Capturing Ireland's Story

A new collection of inspirational stories all about the island of Ireland has been unveiled on – the world’s largest travel storytelling app and community. This spring, Tourism Ireland in New York, in conjunction with Fáilte Ireland and Tourism NI, teamed up with Steller, to show travellers everywhere the island of Ireland – through the eyes of popular travel influencers who captured a ‘digital day in the life of Ireland’. 

On a Sunday in late April, the diverse group of 28 influencers and digital creators was dispatched around Ireland – with their cameras, audio recorders, drones and smartphones. They were tasked with an ambitious story-telling idea: to document a single place on a single day through video and photos, to create a multi-faceted, visually compelling collection featuring Ireland – all in 24 hours. 

The group of storytellers included some of the world’s top travel influencers, as well as actor Tom Skerritt – with a combined digital audience of more than 78 million. The series of stories they created has now been collated into a new collection on the Steller platform – called ‘A Digital Day in the Life of Ireland’ – highlighting what 24 hours on the island of Ireland has to offer for travellers everywhere. It also features on Tourism Ireland’s website,

 Some 250 other Steller stories were also created for a separate collection, called ‘The Best of Ireland’. Clickhere to view. 
“We know that travellers are increasingly using mobile devices and social media for inspirational travel content and ideas,” said Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America. “So, we were delighted to work with Steller on this innovative project – to generate wonderful new content about the island of Ireland. We’re an island of storytellers, so we’re proud to share our heritage, culture and our great tourism stories with the world, through the Steller app.”

Steller – short for ‘story-teller’ – has become the largest travel storytelling app in the world, with more than 1.5 million downloads. It is designed to enable both travellers and travel providers to share their stories and content – and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.