We need a Hero – a GoPro Hero 8 Black

We need a Hero – a GoPro Hero 8 Black
We need a Hero – a GoPro Hero 8 Black

Finally we are getting around to starting our tech and gadgets reviews/discussion as part of the marketinginireland.com website and whilst over the years we have had many favourites to help us with marketing – we must admit that it was our first GoPro that we fell in love with gadget wise – it was the first environment adapting camera we used to capture some stunning night sky’s in Donegal that left us with some stunning visual memories.

So now we are aware of the new GoPro Hero 8 Black and need to put some thought into getting one for professional and personal use….and that line is important – you need to be able to have fun with these types of cameras whilst also adding something extra to your professional work, whether that is social media marketing, vlogging or just plain and simple visual experimentation.

Obviously we are not important enough yet to get one to test, so we have to reply on others to provide feedback….which on many levels can be too much – the vast majority of sales of GoPro’s will go to those seeking to capture memories or stories in a unique way. The finer spec and tech differences are not our main concern – what we are interested in with the new GoPro Hero 8 Black is, does it inspire us to purchase it the same way original versions did? Is the price fair and worth it? And will the battery give me a decent amount of time to do something?

The best review of the GoPro Hero 8 Black is this one from the Verge https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/1/20891984/gopro-hero8-black-review-action-camera-image-stabilization-price-specs-features

Some commentators say GoPro are competing with DJI for market presence, we always found that our Gopro’s competed with our iPhone’s and Samsung smart phones – We simply chose to record and edit on our phones as it was easier, but when we really wanted to experiment we took out the GoPro and f@#ked around – under water, up mountains, at the beach, at night and capturing the kids…oh and we did some work with it too occasionally – Ireland is a beautiful place to explore with a GoPro.

The new Hero 8 Black’s standout feature is that users can now bolt on three optional accessories. They are

  • a shotgun microphone for improved audio
  • a small light to help in dim conditions
  • a flip-up screen, allowing self-shooters to frame themselves

The GoPro Hero 8 Black camera body has also been redesigned to incorporate fold-out “finger” connectors – allowing it to be bolted to a mount without having to first be put in a case.

Now we already have kit that can do some of this (listed above) and price wise the extra’s might be a bit much to the average user – we would suggest they sell all in one fair and responsible price – price aside the accessories might be great value for marketing professionals everywhere..

If we can justify price on what looks like a better battery life (according the review we like above) we are really temped to get one, and not just because of all the mod cons and enhance spec, we might get one as it will inspire us to get out and experiment again…sitting at a desk doing marketing stuff all day long can get boring, so this new GoPro might give us the inspiration to do something physical 🙂

The hero 8 Black is now available from GoPro.com, with shipments beginning Tuesday 15 October. The Hero 8 will be available at select retail partners around the world starting Sunday 20 October.