Horror of Sligo’s past inspired the novel Dracula

Horrors of Sligo's past inspired the novel Dracula
Horrors of Sligo's past inspired the novel Dracula

Did you know that the story of Dracula was linked to Sligo? The same story that would go on to dominate and inspire all sorts of horror media, movies and storytelling worldwide was given more solid evidence to it’s Sligo links today.

Apparently the legacy of a horrible history in Sligo inspired the story of Dracula.

RTE’s Eileen Magnier got her teeth into a cracking pre-Halloween story today – with the arrival of Dacre Stoker, great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, who was invited to Sligo by the local Bram Stoker Society which has been researching the links between the novel and the town.

Check out Eileen’s story here – https://www.rte.ie/news/connacht/2019/1023/1085242-dracula-sligo-connection/

From an event point of view, we don’t know why Sligo has not tapped into this more, for example every year the City of Derry in the North has one of the biggest Halloween festivals in Europe – Why couldn’t Sligo have a massive Vampire Festival every year in the town? …..We are sure there is loads of Politician’s and Solicitors who would love to join in ha ha.

In all seriousness – Let’s help Sligo start a Vampire Festival every year…and given the lack of sun we get every year….we shall def fit right in 🙂