Independent News and Media editor-in-chief Fionnán Sheahan steps down amid shake-up

Fionnán Sheahan steps down amid shake-up
Fionnán Sheahan steps down amid shake-up

Late last week Fionnán Sheahan stood down as editor-in-chief of the Independent News and Media (INM) group.

Apprently the move is part of restructuring of newspaper group owned by Belgian company Mediahuis

Mr Sheahan is to take up the position of Ireland editor for the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent and

A spokesman for the company confirmed the move, which is understood to have been announced to staff on Thursday.

He said Mr Sheahan will now focus more on writing. It is understood Mr Sheahan will conclude his editing duties immediately.

He previously occupied the role of political editor of the Irish Independent and later became its editor. He then succeeed Stephen Rae as group editor-in-chief. Mr Rae left the company in May 2018.

While no clarity has been given on any potential successor to the position of group editor-in-chief, Mr Sheahan’s departure comes as part of a broader shakeup at the newspaper group since the Belgian media group Mediahuis finalised its €145.6 million takeover earlier this year.