“Put your mouth to the bloody phone mic will ya” – Radio Show irritations

"Put your mouth to the bloody phone mic will ya" - Radio Show irritations

We are big talk radio fans and enjoy the different radio talk shows, in the north and south of Ireland….But it drives us nuts when then producers and various radio talk show hosts proceed to interview people over the radio or give them air time when the audio quality is crap.

We hate it when someone is trying to constructively rant down the phone, and they can’t even hold their mouth over the phone mic.

This may seem like the simplistic guidance but you would be amazed how many people phone a talk show whilst not taking into consideration that their point will never come across properly if they can make the effort to manage the environment they are calling from.

If your calling a radio talk show to put your point across or to do an interview:

  • Go somewhere quiet.
  • Use a land line if you can.
  • Be prepared to wait, sometimes it can take ages to get your turn.
  • Turn off the background radio to stop feedback, or make sure to turn off the minute it is your turn.
  • Make some notes before hand so that you stick to the point and don’t waffle.
  • Don’t use bloody hands free at side of the road.
  • If your in the car…stop in a safe place and put the phone to your mouth.
  • Be careful with your language and tone – angry people on radio tend to irritate listeners. and you might come across as a c*#k.
  • Be mindful of the law and don’t say anything that is going to get you in trouble.
  • Don’t phone if you are in the middle of doing other things – like feeding the kids, washing dishes, building stuff, oh and walking….we get really irritated when it sounds like your dog is panting down the phone lol

If you are doing a professional interview there is loads more rules you need to follow, but if you are just a listener looking to have their voice heard, you won’t go far wrong if you follow as many of the practical points noted above.

Oh and once again don’t forget to “Put your mouth to the bloody phone mic” 🙂

Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org