Cancellation of the listing and trading of C&C shares on Euronext Dublin

Following from the acquisition of Matthew Clark and Bibendum, a majority of the Group’s revenues, earnings and activities are now derived in...
International travel journalists at the harbour in Carnlough – aka Braavos in Game of Thrones.

3,750,000 plus people learn about about Northern Ireland, via the ‘Home of Thrones’

Leading travel journalists from the US, Germany, Italy, Belgium, India and New Zealand have been enjoying a busy few days exploring Northern...
Inaction on junk food marketing criticised

Irish Heart Foundation highlight inaction on junk food marketing

Inaction on junk food marketing in in Ireland criticised

Dublin based ‘Keywords Studios’ welcomes Descriptive Video Works to the family

Keywords Studios has welcomed Descriptive Video Works (DVW) to the Keywords family, after the acquisition of the...

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Marketing in Ireland

Marketing in Ireland is a dynamic and evolving landscape that reflects the country's economic growth and increasing globalization. With a strong emphasis...
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NFL Steelers awarded marketing rights in Ireland

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